Hey, Pictures fans, friends and family!! Glad to be kicking it up again after a couple of weeks off! We started February with a killer party in Austin for the lovely couple of Raven and Brian Watson at the Women’s Federation ballroom near the University of Texas - great venue and our thanks to Rita Kilgo who did a fantastic job coordinating the event. Several band members took some time off for Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and some general silliness mid-month - trips to both the Caribbean and the Pacific Coast of Mexico were enjoyed by some of our group and the rest of the crew kept things in line back in the ATX :) We’re super excited to be offering a new band configuration - this one we’re calling The Pictures Orchestra! We’ll be doing our first orchestra gig this Saturday in Tyler, Tx and will feature the regular band, with the addition of 4 horns, and a 4-piece string section - the Divisi Strings out of Houston - collaborating with us to provide an entirely fresh experience with the Pictures. We’ll be doing classic 40’s, 50’s ballroom style music, along with pop hits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90's and more than likely we’ll throw in a few modern/current tunes as well so it should be a blast for all ages! Also, we want to remind EVERYONE that we have a RARE public gig upcoming at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse near Lake Travis on Friday, April 5. This won’t happen very often, so please call and make reservations now as they do sell out, especially if you’d like to sit outside and enjoy the weather and the killer view of the lake. Ok, gotta run, but please stay tuned as we always have something fun in the works and want to keep everyone up to date. Can’t wait to tell you all about next Saturday's gig and other upcoming news!! The Pictures Band (and Orchestra!)