Hey, Pictures friends, fans and family! It’s been WAY too long since we’ve caught y’all up so let’s get after it! First of all, we are super stoked to have Mr. Byron Smith back with us full-time after being out due to COVID related issues. We have had some great fill-in drummers, but we couldn’t be happier to have Byron back “in the saddle”. It’s been a really busy month of May this year - we started out in Bryan, TX at the A&M Traditions Club playing for Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Jacobs (shoutout to Melissa@TraditionsClub.com) and finished the month at Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard near Longview at the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Wright. In between we went from a Tyler Presentation to Lakeway wedding for Lauran Driver and TC to Horseshoe Bay for the Randalls to Corpus for Annie and Dillon to Rockport for a worthwhile fundraiser! Whew, makes me tired just typing it! We’d like to thank our very good friends from Tyler; Jennifer Gaston, Laura O’Halloran and especially Mr. Shane Payne for making the Night Under The Stars one to remember! What a great bunch of people; we love Tyler!!! Another big thank you goes to Jennifer Ashford with Altar Ego Weddings and AWPA - she’s a great coordinator and friend of the Pictures Band - we really loved working with her at Lauran and T.C.’s wedding at the Lakeway Resort. Likewise to Lauren Chumbley with Eclipse Event Co.; had a great time at the Dalheim/Randall wedding in Horseshoe Bay! Speaking of Tyler, our congratulations to Cecil and Lou on their 10th anniversary - Cecil and Lou create children’s clothing and much more and we were thrilled to get to perform for their staff, family and friends! We also had a lovely time in Rockport at a gala for the Texas Maritime Museum and want to thank their Executive Director, Mr. Parkoff for his hospitality! Another great evening under the stars! (Ok, it was a tent, but it was a REALLY NICE tent :) Coming up in June! We’ll be spending time in Spring Branch, Dripping Springs, Midfield and at home in Austin throughout the month for various celebrations - So glad to be back in the swing of things and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings! Peace, Love and Music to all of you - stay healthy and we’ll see you soon! The Pictures Band Austin, Texas

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